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This article details the end of life for Adobe Acrobat XI and how to transition to a supported version.

Some individuals on campus may be using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI (11), and are seeing the following notification when starting the application on your TTU computer:

Adobe Acrobat Pro start up page

ITS has verified and found that Adobe is ending security and support updates for this version of the Adobe Acrobat XI Professional product at the following link:

Adobe Products and technical support periods

At this time we are asking users of the software to contact their Academic and Client Technologies College Representatives so they can provide the following assistance regarding updating your version of Adobe Acrobat Professional to the latest version of the product:

    • Removal of Adobe Acrobat XI Professional or earlier versions from your computer.
    • Consultation of whether Adobe Acrobat XI is still needed on your computer.
    • Assisting with purchasing and installing the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Professional if needed.


Do I have to update my version of Adobe Acrobat XI on my computer?

Yes, due to the prolific use of the PDFs throughout the computing industry. PDFs are a target for security exploits, which means keeping your software up to date protects your use of the software as well as ensuring that the product is fixed from issues that are reported to the manufacturer. In additions to security and support updates, this older version of Adobe is not supported for use on the latest versions of Mac OS X and Windows Operating Systems. While the product may install, it is without manufacturer support for any issues or errors that may occur with the use of the software.

How do I know what version of Adobe Acrobat Professional I am running:

After starting the application on a:


        1. Go to the application menu choose Help
        2. Then choose System Information

Mac (Apple Computer)

        1. Go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and click on Adobe
        2. Choose About Acrobat
        3. When the menu appears look for the version number.

I have an older version of Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on my computer, do I need to upgrade?

Yes, as this version is already not supported by Adobe it will have the same issues with security and support updates as Adobe Acrobat Professional XI.

I have Adobe Acrobat Reader does this effect me?

Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat Professional are different products that provide some similar features. Making sure either version is up to date is important. Adobe Acrobat Reader on most systems on campus is updated and maintained on your computer by ITS automatically in order to keep up with security exploits and or issues with the software. If you are unsure of the version you are running please contact ITS at ext. 3975 and we can assist with making sure you are using the most up to date version of Adobe Reader.


  • Adobe Reader

    • Is mainly intended for viewing and filling out PDF forms.
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional

    • Is intended for creating PDFs, PDF forms, and other permanent modifications to PDFs.

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