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News and updates regarding the Banner 9 transition

Banner 9 Help

Banner 9 NAVIGATION Training

Banner 9 Training Material

Banner 8 vs Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Banner 9 works best with Chrome or Firefox.
  • Having trouble logging in?  Try the following in this order.  Retry your login after each step to see if it resolves the problem. 
    • Clear your browser cache.
    • Try using an "in-cognito window" : in Chrome click ctrl-shift-N.
    • DO NOT BOOKMARK THE LOGIN PAGE.  Make sure you are going to Banner 9 through the Banner landing page at
    • If you are still unable to log into Banner 9 contact your IT support person or the Helpdesk.   


What is Banner 9?

Banner 9 delivers a fresh user experience, all new tools and improved functionality across all areas where Banner is used.  It will also allow us to run Banner on any browser and on mobile devices.

What will change?

There is no need to learn a new application.  The forms that you use and functionality are mostly the same.  There are visual enhancements, new features in pages and portlets, and additional system error and warning notifications. Also, there is an improved application navigator, mobile-friendly responsive design, and multiple record views. 

What will stay the same?

The form names and field order will remain the same.

How do I log in to Banner 9 Admin Pages?

Use the Banner Quicklink in Tech Express at  

Can I still access Banner 8 Forms?

Yes, for a short time.  Some modified forms will still be accessible through Banner 8 until they are fully functional in Banner 9.

Is there a preferred browser for Banner 9?

You should be able to use any browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and even Safari.  But, Chrome is the preferred browser for Banner 9.

How do I get the current date to display on a printed page from Banner 9?

Why are we upgrading to Banner 9?

Banner is TTU’s centralized academic and administration system for areas such as Records, Registration, Payroll, Accounting, etc.  The provider, Elllucian, has announced the end-of-life for Banner 8 to be December 31, 2018.  As a result, we must upgrade to Banner 9.   

We in Enterprise Application Systems strongly encourage Administrative Users to actively test Banner 9 in our TEST environment and to make use of the multitude of training materials at the link below.  Please contact your EAS support representative with any questions.


  testing environment deployed - November 2017

  begin testing - January 2018

  install Banner 9 in production - May 2018

  test Banner 9 enhancements (Q2) – June 2018

   install Banner 9 enhancements (Q2) in production – July 2018

   test Banner 9 enhancements (Q3) – August 2018

   install Banner 9 enhancements (Q3) – September 2018


  • retire Banner 8 INB - TBD

*This timeline is subject to change. 

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