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This article answers frequently asked questions about Banner.

  • How do I get to INB Banner?

    Click on Production Database

  • We had a couple of people recently have their INB session simply close down and disappear while they were reading email. One of them found a file that was created on their desktop around the same time that the INB session closed, so we believe it is related.

    You'll want to make sure that their user account has the IE setting "Reuse Windows for launching shortcuts" "UNchecked" in IE's Internet Options, Advanced tab. The default state for this configuration setting in most environments is "checked." This may account for users losing their INB session if they are clicking on links delivered to them by email.

  • Help - I am stuck in a Banner form and can't get back up to the top to the "key block".

    Click the Rollback button, or Pull down Record Clear in the top menu

  • Help - I am still stuck!!!

    Unfortunately, in Banner it is fairly easy to get stuck and sometimes nearly impossible to escape. The following techniques sometimes help:

    A. If the system will not accept the data you want to enter in a required field , it will sometimes not let you out. The easiest way to get around this is to enter a valid piece of information in the field and DO NOT save . . You may then be able to leave the field by exiting the form . hitting the CTRL and Q keys at the same time or clicking on the blue X on the far right of the horizontal tool barLocated under the Menu Bar at the top of a form, the Tool Bar contains icons that are used to navigate through the form). above the screen or rolling back hitting the CNTL and F7 keys at the same time OR clicking on the curved arrow on the horizontal tool bar above the screen. When you do this, the system may ask if you want to Save the changes. If you get this message, click NO and the system will let you out.

    B. There is also a Clear Option under both the Block and the Field Options on the pull down Menu . on the top horizontal bar. This is supposed to get rid of all data and let you escape. Sometimes this technique works.

    C. If you are stuck and neither of the first two techniques work, try exiting the form hitting the CTRL and Q keys at the same time or clicking on the blue X on the far right of the horizontal tool bar above the screen. Often you will need to try to exit . more than once. If the System asks if you wish to Save, click NO. If you answer YES, it will tell you that you cannot Save, which is what caused this problem in the first place. If you accidentally click YES, exit again and click NO. You will lose any unsaved data on the form.

    D. If none of the above techniques work, you are terminally stuck and will need to leave Banner. To get out of the system when you cannot leave the Form in which you are working, use the CTRL_ALT_DELETE keys at the same time. When the Task Manager Window Displays an information area. comes up, select End Task. You will probably then get a window telling you the System is Busy and asking what you want to do. Click End Task on this Window. You will then need to sign onto the Banner System again from the beginning.

  • How do I navigate around Banner?

    This is a class in itself. But for starters, here is a simple very basic information:

    After you have called up the system you will get an access form :
    Username : Enter your Access ID (for example: aa6551).
    Password: This is your Banner password. You can change your password, if you wish.
    Database: Leave Blank.

    Click Connect.
    Banner screens are called Forms. You can get to the Forms in three ways:

    A. If you know the name of the Form, you can type it in the Direct Access Box and Banner will take you to the correct form.

    B. Use the Menu : In the menu hierarchy, select the Products Menu and then the corresponding Menu. Double click to open the menu folders A list of submenus will appear underneath the menu selected. Select the correct form from this list.

    C. Click on the Magnifying Glass next to the Direct Access Box. The Object Search Form will appear. In the Name field, Banner describes fields as either enabled, disabled, enterable, or display only. , type in a word you know is in the title. Put wildcards (%) both before and after the word to catch variations of the Form name. Hit the F8 key or select Query. from the pull down menu on the top horizontal tool bar. and clicking on “Execute”. Highlight the correct Form and click on the Start button.

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