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Information about password requirements, expiration dates, and how to change or reset your password for Banner SSB and INB.

Instructions: Banner Password Expirations

(Eagle Online, Banner Self Service for Employees, Internet Native Banner)

The SSB PIN ( Banner Self Service for Employees and Eagle Online) will expire every 180 days for all users from the date you are asked to change your PIN.

The INB password for normal users will expire every 90 days with a 10 day grace period. The INB password for users with advanced privileges will expire every 30 days with a 10 day grace period. This group is limited for the most part to users in ITS.

Self Service Banner (SSB)

(Eagle Online and Banner Self Service for Employees)

A few days before your PIN expires, you will receive the message shown below after you have entered your T-Number and PIN. At this point you should change your PIN.

        Banner Login Change PIN

  • Your PIN must be 6 numbers or letters of the alphabet.
  • It is case sensitive (so "a" is different from "A").
  • You may not use any special characters, such as &, *, $, etc.
  • You may not change it to the same PIN that you had been using.
  • It cannot be 999999.
  • It should not be the same number or letter repeated 6 times or a simple sequence, such as 123456, etc.
    In order to create a stronger, more secure PIN, we recommend using a combination of digits, UPPER case and lower case letters.

The SSB PIN will expire every 180 days from this point forward.

  • If your PIN has already expired, you will receive this message. At this point you MUST change your PIN.
  • You can change your PIN at any time by choosing the Change your PIN link on the Personal Information page.
  • Remember at any time, if you have forgotten your PIN, you can enter your T-Number and click on the Forgot PIN? button.
  • After clicking on the Forgot PIN? button you will be asked the security question that you set up on your first logon.
  • When you answer this question correctly it will take you to the form to change your PIN.
  • If you do not know you T-Number and cannot find it, you may contact:
    • myTECH Helpdesk at 931-372-3975
    • Registration Office at 931-372-3966 for students
    • Human Resources office at 931-372-3034 for employees

Forgot your Banner SSB Password?

Internet Native Banner (INB) - Generally used only by Staff

These procedures below only work if you remember your password. If you have forgotten your password call 931-372-3975 and the myTECH Helpdesk can reset your password for you.

Password Requirements

• Must be 8 characters or longer

• Cannot be the username

• Must contain at least 1 letter, 1 digit, and 1 punctuation character.

• Valid punctuation characters for BANNER INB are: !%*+-:?_

• NOT ALLOWED punctuation characters for BANNER INB are: @$&"(),`;=#/

Example: My little dog Trixie had fleas in 08 but now She does not! = mldthfi08bnsdn!

When you login into INB with an expired password you will see this screen.

        Banner INB Password expiration

  • The popup box will show how many days are left on the grace period.
  • Click on OK so that you will be logged as normal.

Note: The grace period starts on the first login after the password expires. Therefore, if you logon infrequently your grace period will not start until you login for the first time after the password expires even if it expired a month before.

You should now CHANGE your INB password by clicking on the Change Banner Password link on the right side of the Main Menu Form.

In the Banner Change Password Form,

  • Enter your old password in the Oracle Password field
  • Leave the Database field blank
  • Enter a new password in the New Oracle Password field
  • Enter the new password again to verify it
  • Click on the disk icon to save the change

If you choose to ignore this warning until the grace period runs out then you will see this screen.

        BannerINB Expired

When you click OK it will take you to a password change form.

  • Enter your old password
  • Enter your new password
  • Retype your new password
  • Click OK

Please go to Eagle Online, select Enter Eagle Online and enter your T#. Then click the Forgot PIN button. This will allow you to reset your own password with your questions you set up on your first login.

If you have never logged in before and have issues, you can

  • come by in person to Information Technology Services in Volpe Library. Go to the myTECH Helpdesk in room 256. You must have a photo ID.
  • or, call the myTECH Helpdesk at 931-372-3975.

If you need additional assistance, contact:

  • myTECH Helpdesk at 931-372-3975
  • Human Resources office at 931-372-3034 for employees
  • Registration Office at 931-372-3966 for students

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