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Accessing LabDrive

This article discusses how to access LabDrive in University computer labs.

Computer Lab Reservations using EMS

This documentation guides you through using Virtual EMS to make computer lab reservations.

Lab Hours

Here you'll find the operational hours for the most-used computer labs on campus.

Moving Files Between LabDrive and OneDrive for Students

This article guides you in moving files from LabDrive to OneDrive using Windows and Mac OS X.

Remote Computer Lab Access through the VMWare Horizon Client

This article guides you in how to get remote access to computer labs through the use of VMware Horizon Client on the Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Request Software for Computer Labs

This documentation presents information for requesting particular software to be installed in computer labs for teaching purposes.

Request Computer Lab Care

If a Pharos-connected computer lab is in need of paper, toner, or other printing supplies, please submit your request using this form.

Restoring Content from LabDrive (Windows Only)

This article discusses how to recover files that you may have deleted within LabDrive. This feature is only available on computers running Windows.