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This is a guide for faculty, staff, and students to use when accessing the campus WiFi, affectionately dubbed EagleNet.

*Guest access can be obtained by connecting to TTU-Guest and registering.

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Viewing Your EagleNet Access Key in TechExpress

There are two methods by which you can view/obtain an EagleNet access key. By far, the simplest method is to use TechExpress. If you prefer to obtain your access key manually (and have to keep up with it), then you can check the tab labeled Manual Registration (above).

  1. Go to Log in with your Tennessee Tech username and password.

    Don't know your Tennessee Tech username and password? Try this page first: Setting Up Your TTU Account.

    You'll want to bookmark TechExpress, as you'll use it for most everything while you're at Tennessee Tech.

  2. In your Information area (on the left), there's a section labeled "EagleNet WiFi Key". To see your EagleNet key, click Show Existing Key.
    Screenshot of EagleNet WiFi Key section in TechExpress

Manually Registering for an EagleNet Access Key

  1. Go to Unless you've logged into TechExpress sometime in the past 12 hours, you'll be prompted by IDme to log in with your TTU username and password. Do so.
    Screenshot of IDme Login Portal
  2. Select Register a Guest
    Welcome Register a Guest Homepage for Eagle Net Key
  3. Select either Student or Staff.  (The option that's displayed is determined by the group membership of your account. If you see the wrong option present, please contact the myTECH Helpdesk.)
    Student Registration Page For Eagle Net
  4. Enter your information in the fields provided.  After the information has been entered, select Next.


    Phone Number is required ONLY if you desire a text (SMS) notification of your EagleNet access key.  Only enter a phone number capable of receiving text (SMS) messages.

    First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number Field to register user on eagle net.

  5.  An  Access Key will be generated.  Record the key somewhere you can refer to it easily.  Select Send Notification to select a method to send your PassKey separately.


    This Access Key is unique to your account.  Treat it as you would the password to your email account.

    Eagle Net Access Key Page Showing The Access Key Given To Student

  6. After selecting send notification, select your preferred method and then select Send.
    Notification Page to send Access Key to Text Message, Email, Or Print
  7. Congratulations!  You are now ready to connect to EagleNet at Tennessee Tech. Simply use the access key that was provided in previous steps as the passphrase when connecting to EagleNet on campus.

Your access key lasts for one calendar year, at which point you must request a new key.

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