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Step-by-step instructions on how to submit a request for Banner Service.

Logging On and First Step 

To log on to the New Footprints Request System go You will use the user name and password that you use to log on to your computer not the generic one you have used in the past.

1. To create a request click on the New Request button in the top left corner of your screen.

2. The below page will be displayed.

FootPrints Submit new request Title Field

3. Fill in the title of your request (All boxes with red text are required).

4. For type of incident make sure to choose EAS Request otherwise it may take longer to correctly route your request.

Incident type drop down menu. Selections of Failure, Service Request and EAS Request

5. A new box will appear beside the type incident box which is called Main Category

Main Category Drop down with selections for your issue

6. Select the category that best fits your request.

7. Once you make that selection many times another box will appear called Sub-category.

Sub-Category selection drop down after selecting main category

8. There are three choices the mostly used choices will be Development and User Support.

a. Development – Select this if you need something added or created such as a new field in an Argos report.

b. User Support – Select this if you have a question about something that doesn’t require a software change or addition such as how are a student’s hours calculated.


This section is where you describe in detail the request that you are making. Please be as detailed as possible so that the person who fulfills your request knows exactly what you need.

Description Field for Issue

There is a small " ABC" image with a check box at the bottom left of this tab where you can select to have your description spell checked.


Notifications section can be used if you would like someone else to receive the messages about the ticket.

Additional Email field for Notification on progress of report

Add the email addresses of those you wish to receive notification regarding the issue. If you wish to add more than one address you can separate them with a semicolon.

EAS Details

The next section is the EAS Details section.

EAS Detail field of request

If your request is for Banner choose the appropriate selections from the drop down menus. The boxes in this section are not required. The Work Done box is for EAS staff only. 


The last section is the Attachments section.

Attachment section of request form

1. If you have any files to attach please click on the attach files button and upload the necessary files.

2. Last click on the save button  on the bottom right of your screen.

3. If you get an error message please read it and fill in required information that may have been missed.

After Request Has Been Submitted

What happens after you submit a request?

After you submit a request you may get updates about what changes the Analyst is making.

1. When the request is ready to be tested you will receive an email from the Footprints System. The email subject will be “Incident Escalation”. It will then list the ticket number and have the following message:

“-- please test and update the choice from 
the "User Acceptance Testing" drop down menu on the EAS Details Tab.”

2. Once testing is complete and you are satisfied with it, log back into Footprints.

3. Click on the Home Button Home Button on Home Page of FootPrints website.

4. Your list of requests will appear.

5. Find the one that has the ticket number that corresponds with the email you received.

6. Click on it to open the ticket.

7. Click on the Edit Button  which is under the Home Button.

8. Scroll down until you come to the EAS Detail’s Tab.

EAS Detail field of request with User Acceptance testing field

9. Under the User Acceptance Testing drop down box select Pass.

10. Last, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Button .

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