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This article is a step-by-step walk through on resetting your password through the self-reset portal if your password has expired. The portal is located at Going through these steps will allow you to renew a new password for your TTU domain account. The TTU domain account is the account you will use for your campus email, iLearn, the parking portal, and other directory-reliant services. (This does not cover Eagle Online as that uses a separate account)

A full in-depth guide can be found at here 


You are required to register for the IDMe portal before you can reset your password. Instructions on that can be found here (future link to published site).

You will need one of the following available:

  • Your Mobile Authenticator on your Smartphone
  • Access to your alternate email

Resetting your Password through the IDMe Password Portal

1. Navigate to the IDMe Password Portal located here

IDME login pageIDME mobile login page

*The page should read "Tennessee Tech Password Portal"

2. Enter your username (juser, jouser42, jouser21, etc.) and then enter your password. Press "Login".

*If you don't know your username, visit the page Find Your TTU Username

*If you're logging into the password portal for the first time, or your password has been recently reset by ITS, your password will be set to the default value. This default is 'z?T#' where the # is the eight digits of your Tech ID (T-number). For instance, if your T-number is T00001234, your initial password will be z?T00001234.

3. You will be brought to the "Set Password" screen where you will confirm your username and then complete the reCaptcha, finally press "Continue".

IDME Set Password page

4. You will be brought to the End-User Self Service screen where you can choose your authentication type. Under "Authentication Types Available" select "3 Challenge Answers", which will prompt you to answer 3 of 5 of your Challenge Questions, alternatively you can select "One Time Passcode" which will prompt you to enter your One Time Passcode from your Mobile Authenticator or your Alternate Email.  Once you have entered the One Time Passcode, complete the reCAPTCHA and click "Continue".

IDME select authentication page

*Pressing "Problems with the OTP?" will allow you to have the One Time Passcode sent to your Alternate Email Address instead of the Mobile Authenticator.

IDME two-factor options

5. When you successfully enter your Authentication Type, you will be brought to the standard password reset field. Here you will be able to reset your password. You must meet the complexity requirements of at least 8 characters long, 1 lowercase character, 1 uppercase character, 1 numeric character, and 1 special character.

IDME password change screenIDME password change confirmation screen

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