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This article is a step-by-step walk through on registering for the password self-reset portal located at Registering here will allow you to change your TTU domain account. The TTU domain account is the account you will use for your campus email, iLearn, the parking portal, and other directory-reliant services. (This does not cover Eagle Online as that uses a separate account)

A full in-depth guide can be found at here 


In order to register for the IDMe Password Portal, you will need the following available:

  • A Computer
  • A Smartphone
  • A Mobile Authenticator such as the Google Authenticator, PortalGuard App found your smart phones app store
  • An Alternate Email (non TTU address)

Registering on the IDMe Password Portal

1. Navigate to the IDMe Password Portal located here

IDME login screenIDME mobile login screen

*The page should read "Tennessee Tech Password Portal"

2. Enter your username (juser, jouser42, jouser21, etc.) and your password, and then press "Login".

*If you don't know your username, visit the page Find Your TTU Username

*If you're logging into the password portal for the first time, or your password has been recently reset by ITS, your password will be set to the default value. This default is 'z?T#' where the # is the eight digits of your Tech ID (T-number). For instance, if your T-number is T00001234, your initial password will be z?T00001234.

3. You will be prompted to complete a reCaptcha. Click the box “I’m not a robot”. Click on "Continue"

IDME captcha IDME captcha verify

*reCaptcha is an added security feature to verify you are a real person and not a robot.

*You may be presented with a task, such as “click all the bicycles” for verification. This may take one or several tries to complete. When the verification is complete, you will be shown a green check in the box. Click the Continue button to move forward.

4. You will be prompted to enroll a total of 5 security questions, also known as "Challenge Questions" When completed, click the "Continue" button.

IDME security questions

*It is required to select and answer five security questions. The answers are not case-sensitive, but do require at least four characters to complete. You cannot set an answer that contains a word from the question.You cannot use two of the same questions.

5. You will be prompted to enter an alternate email address that does not end in '' or ''. Press "Continue", you will be prompted to enter a one-time passcode (OTP) which will be sent to your alternate email. Enter the code in your email and press "Continue".

IDME alternate email

*If your TTU account becomes locked or otherwise inaccessible, an alternate email can be used in order to verify your identity. This step is highly recommended, but optional.

6. The final step in enrollment is the Mobile Authenticator. Choose your Phone Type, and press "Continue". A QR Code will be generated. You must use a Mobile Authenticator App to scan this QR code. A QR Scanner will not work. Once you scan the QR code with the app, enter the randomly generated digits in the "One Time Passcode" field and press "Continue".

IDME authenticatorIDME QR codeIDME OTP

*This step is for smartphone and tablet users with access to a mobile authenticator application. 

7. You are now enrolled in the IDMe Password Portal. You can change your TTU Domain Password, and the other authentication methods within the Account Management Menu.

IDME Account Management screen

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