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This article presents the frequently asked questions in regard to the IDme portal.

You may also examine the full, in-depth guide yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download and set up a Mobile Authentication app on my smartphone?

No, the mobile authentication step is optional. However, it is highly recommended for speed, ease of use, and best security. If you still wish to skip this step, you have the option to "Permanently Suppress Reminders" in the portal.

How do I scan the QR Code to set up the Mobile Authenticator?

Most of us have QR code scanner apps installed on our smartphones. However, these scanner apps are not intended for two-factor authentication and will not work when scanning the QR code on the IDme portal.

You will need to install a dedicated mobile authenticator app for use with the portal. We recommend Google Authenticator, Sophos Authenticator, or Duo Mobile.

Google Authenticator app logo          Sophos Authenticator app logo          Duo mobile app logo

Scanning the QR code provided in the IDme portal with one of these apps will add an entry in your mobile authenticator app that ties to your Tech account. This entry provides a six-digit code that rotates every 30-60 seconds. This code is your one-time passcode (OTP). You'll use it for interacting with the IDme portal. The phone number is not requested, recorded, or required for the use of this app.

Do I need an alternate email address?

Yes, an alternate email address is required as a means of verifying your identity. if you do not have an alternate email address, there are many free options available – Gmail,, etc. A guide on setting up an email account is available.

Can I change my preferred OTP Method?

You can choose between receiving an email, or using the mobile authenticator for your OTP method. Changes can be made in the Account Management area of the IDme  portal. If you're already registered, simply login to see the Account Management menu.

IDME OTP options

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