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Office of Information Security

We have several policies in place to ensure your accounts are secured. Please report any spam, phishing, or questionable emails by forwarding them to for analysis.

See the sections below for more information, or see our security status updates.

Adobe Products: End of Life

Information about Adobe XI products' end-of-life, and how to continue using Adobe products.

Annual Security Awareness Training

Information on the annually assigned security training modules, based on employee role.

Antivirus Software

Information about how to get antivirus software.

Be Aware, Stay Aware

The section defines what phishing is and information on how to protect your accounts.

Creating an Alternate Email Address

This section serves as a how-to-guide for those who need to set up an Outlook or Gmail address.

Enhanced Abuse Reporting

This article explains the Abuse reporting enhancement that is now a part of Office 365 and the Outlook client for Tennessee Tech users.

Information Security Risk Management

Information about Risk Management, Current Initiatives, and Security Awareness Training.

Meltdown/Spectre Exploit Information

Significant security flaws have been recently discovered which affect almost every computer manufactured in the past 10 years. This article provides information about the security flaws and ways you might protect your devices from exploitation.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Information about what multi-factor authentication is, what options you have available, and how you can use it to strengthen your Tennessee Tech account.

Off-Campus VPN Installation

This page details how users can install and access the VPN using computers they have administrative access to while using an off-campus internet connection. 

Password Vault Recommendations

Information about password vaults and our recommendations for students, faculty, and staff.

Protecting Your Passwords

Tips and advice on how to protect your passwords by keeping them strong and secure.

SANS Videos of the Month

Videos of the Month from SANS, a security awareness training company.

Selecting a Strong Password

Tips and advice on how to create strong passwords for your accounts.