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Information about Risk Management, Current Initiatives, and Security Awareness Training.

Information Security Risk Management

The Information Security Office will maintain a campus-wide Information Security Risk Management Program to evaluate threats and vulnerabilities, and assure creation of appropriate remediation plans. Activities within this program include assessing security risks, creating and monitoring security plans, and aiding disaster recovery planning.

In simple terms, we work to ensure that the University computing and information resources are secure and "safe computing" practices are followed to protect the TTU community.

Current Initiatives


Recent network security scans showed excessive traffic from non-TTU users. In an effort to maximize network performance for legitimate TTU users and keep malicious traffic off of the TTU Network, the Information Security Office is asking all users who access their computers remotely to utilize the TTU VPN.

If you have any questions, please contact the Information Security Office at (931) 372-3913, or email us at

Security Awareness Training

Every member of the TTU community has an obligation to do their part in protecting sensitive information and IT systems of our university. To ensure the safety of user information, computers, and IT systems, the Information Security Office is launching “Securing the Human,” a training program that provides security awareness training to all faculty and staff members across campus. TTU Policy, 850 Enterprise Information Security Policy (effective January 1, 2014) establishes the requirement for development and maintenance of cybersecurity skills of the organizational users, IT personnel, and security staff.

What is Securing the Human (STH)? Securing the Human is an online computer-based security awareness and training program that provides faculty and staff with the materials they need to engage in informative and efficient security training. The training is an excellent opportunity for departments to ensure their staff is aware of cybersecurity threats and issues. Securing the Human is produced by SANS, one of the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training and security certification in the world. The training consists of a number of videos that cover specific security topics. The videos range anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes in length and are intended to raise awareness and influence user behavior that will reduce security risks. The training allows the users to complete the training at their own pace, monitor their progress, and revisit completed training. Each user will be assigned 2-3 video modules per month throughout the academic year. An email from will be sent to all faculty & staff informing them of the assigned training and instructions on how to access the training.

Anyone with questions may contact Chief Information Security Officer, Deb Zsigalov ( for further information.

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