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LabDrive is a file storage space available for faculty, staff, & students using any computer lab on campus. This storage provides up to 5GB of space, and is available from any desktop, laptop, or virtual (VDI) lab computer.

The LabDrive service:

  • is available on both Mac and PC.
  • is available only on TTU lab computers (desktop, laptop, VDI). LabDrive is not available in the dormitories, offices, or for personal computers.
  • is automatically mapped when you log in to any lab computer. All you must do is select LabDrive as the save location for your files.
  • provides storage space for your exclusive use. You cannot directly transfer files from LabDrive via sharing with another user.
  • allows, through your initiation, copying or moving of files from LabDrive to a file storage location of your choice—i.e. flash drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.
  • is not disaster-proof. Please ensure that you keep backup copies of your work, using LabDrive only as temporary storage space.
  • does not encrypt files. If you are storing files that require encryption to meet TTU data handling standards, you must encrypt the files yourself prior to storage.

It is important to note that LabDrive is not intended for permanent storage; it is only for temporary use. Your storage space will be cleared one week prior to the start of the spring semester in January, and one week prior to the start of the fall semester in August.

Instructions for moving files from LabDrive to Onedrive are provided in the Moving Files Between LabDrive and OneDrive for Students self service article. If you need to restore content from LabDrive, check the Restoring Content from LabDrive (Windows Only) self service article.

We hope that LabDrive becomes a valuable service that supports your efforts here at TTU, whether those efforts are directed in studies, research, or teaching.

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