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Our campus network, as is most other educational, corporate, or public networks, is a Strict NAT (type 3). This may cause problems with certain online games, dependent upon how the game developers have designed online play to function. Check here for an in-depth explanation.

NAT Type Restrictions on the Tennessee Tech Network

The NAT types used to describe gaming connections do not indicate the quality of the wireless signal, or the bandwidth available.  They are actually descriptions of the network topology between your console and network.

  • Open NAT (type 1) indicates that you have a private internet connection that is servicing only your console, such that the IP address of your internet connection forwards all traffic inbound and outbound without any filtering (without firewall).
  • Moderate NAT (type 2) describes a shared internet connection behind a firewall where all the ports used by the console are forwarded to your console, such that no other console can operate on the same internet connection IP address.
  • Strict NAT (type 3) is a shared network connection where inbound ports used by the console may be blocked by the firewall, or where the IP address is shared between multiple devices, such that individual network ports that the console would like to use may be claimed by other devices.

Our campus network, as is most other Educational, Corporate, or Public networks, is a Strict NAT (type 3).  This does not pose a problem for most online games where the game developer has provided game servers for interconnecting clients for online gaming.  For some recent games, developers have chosen to forego building a game server network.  Instead, clients of these games connect to each other directly.  This is only possible if one of the connecting clients has an Open or Moderate NAT that will allow their console to “host” the connection for the other consoles.  If all the clients in a game are behind Strict NAT firewalls, then none of them will be able to initiate the connections needed to any of the others.  In some locations where wired network connections are available, those wired connections may offer a different NAT type.  If there is a wired connection available in your residential space, you may want to try connecting your console to the wired network in case it may offer a better connection and NAT type.

The NAT restriction on campus is what it is. It cannot change.

If your game connection issues are related to signal strength or network access (excluding NAT type), please reach out to the myTECH Heldpesk.

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