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ITS will be upgrading network hardware in several buildings on campus. These upgrades include a refresh of more than 130 network switches. This article serves as an FAQ and Status update page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please check below for answers to questions you might have about the process.

 Why are we upgrading the network infrastructure?

Technology moves along at a quick pace. As is the case with campus computers, infrastructure hardware must be replaced every few years to maintain the functionality you expect out of the campus network. As an additional benefit, ITS will gain a few new features that will simplify how we support campus devices.

 Will I lose network connectivity during the transition?

In short: yes.

The network switches that transport your network traffic are being physically replaced with new models. This, of course, requires that the switches be powered down and disconnected during the transition. During that time, there will be no connectivity. Dependent upon the building and the number of connections being served by a stack of switches, the downtime could range from 60 minutes to 2 hours.

 How will I know when my building is going to lose connectivity?

Your ACT Tier2 representative will contact departments in your building to coordinate a time that is most convenient for you.

 Why can't this happen outside of office hours?

When making changes to the network, it's important to be able to test those changes under a "normal" network traffic load.

For example, if Derryberry Hall (DBRY) was transitioned during the night, networking personnel would be unable to properly measure if traffic would be affected during daytime hours because no one would be there using the network. No staff doing work equals no traffic, which equals no data for testing purposes. In such a case, the networking team would be unaware of any problems until work resumed the next morning. If a problem existed, it would disrupt work in Derryberry that morning until the problem could be resolved. Obviously, this is something all parties involved would like to avoid. Hence the need to do this work during office hours.

 The network upgrade was supposed to have finished already, but I still don't have connectivity. What do I need to do?

The myTECH Helpdesk will be kept apprised of the work as it's happening. Should the upgrade take longer than expected in your area, myTECH personnel will be aware. Additionally, if the work has indeed concluded in your area, but connectivity appears to be negatively affected, myTECH personnel can create a support ticket for your problem so that the networking team can look into it.

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If you have questions that aren't answered here, please reach out to the myTECH Helpdesk.

Status of Building Transitions

View the chart below to see when building hardware will be upgraded. All dates are tentative.


BuildingTime to BeginStatus
Pennebaker Hall (PENN)

7/21 - 8AM

7/22 - 8AM

7/23 - 8AM

7/24 - 8AM





Oakley Hall (OKLY)

7/29 - 2PM

7/31 - 9AM

8/4 - 9AM




Bell Hall (BELL)

8/7 - 1PM

8/10 - 9AM

8/11 - 9AM




Henderson Hall (HEND)

8/10 - 8AM

8/11 - 8AM

8/12 - 8AM

8/13 - 8AM





Johnson Hall (JOHN) - #1 (136)

11/17 - 8AM


Johnson Hall (JOHN) - #2 (235,349,437)

12/15 - 8AM


TJ Farr Hall (FARR)

12/16 - 8AM


Prescott Hall (PRSC)

12/17 - 8AM


Brown Hall (BRWN)

12/18 - 8AM


Lewis Hall (LEWS)

12/18 - 11AM


Clement Hall Labs (CLEM-313)

8/13 - 10AM


Derryberry Hall (DBRY)


Volpe Library (LIBR) - #1

12/21 - 8AM


Volpe Library (LIBR) - #2

12/22 - 8AM


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