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In this article, you'll learn about printing in campus computer labs. We cover general information, printing guidelines, allotments, costs, and what to do if you run into printing problems.

General Information & Acceptable Use Guidelines

Much of the printing you find in computer labs is funded by student Technology Access Fees (TAF). Though TAF pays for a great deal more than just printing, a portion of these funds go toward printing supplies like paper, toner, and other printer maintenance items.

Tennessee Tech strives to spend student dollars in ways that help students succeed. Printing is no exception. So that student funds are not wasted on frivolous printing, we advise that you print only those items related to coursework or scholarly research. Examples of acceptable documents include:

  • theses & dissertations
  • presentation materials
  • class master materials
  • plots
  • reports
  • publications
  • resumes

Printing Allotments

Faculty and students are granted a printing allotment at the beginning of each semester. You do not pay a specific "printing fee", so the allotment you receive is essentially "free" printing. You'll only pay directly for printing should you go over your allotment amount.

Students receive an allotment of $30.00 per semester.

Faculty receive an allotment of $5.00 per semester, intended only for emergency purposes.

Printing Costs

In computer labs, printing costs are broken down in the following fashion:

Printing TypeCost
Black & white, single-sided$0.08
Black & white, double-sided$0.10
Color, single-sided$0.25
Color, double-sided$0.50

In the Library Learning Commons, the Canon multi-function copiers offer additional finishing options like hole-punching and stapling. The stapling option costs an additional $0.01 per print job.

Printing Problems?

If you're having problems retrieving your printed document(s), the most common mistake is forgetting to accept the print charges. When you submit your print job to the printer, you'll be presented with a prompt that asks if you're willing to accept the cost of the print job. Be sure to select "Yes" before you walk to the printer to swipe your EagleCard.  (NOTE: this prompt is not always instantaneous, so give it a moment to appear.)

If you encounter other problems with printing, you can ask a Student Technology Assistant at the IT Help Desk and Technology Checkout desk, or contact the Help Desk by phone or email.

Requesting a Print Refund

Print refunds are allowed only for print jobs that are mishandled by a printer. This would include print jobs that:

  • jammed
  • were “eaten by the printer”
  • are crinkled/bent/folded
  • those with stray marks
  • excess toner on the page
  • etc.

Qualifying print jobs would NOT include print jobs that failed to meet patron expectations due to patron oversight:

  • single-sided when you meant to choose double-sided, and vice versa
  • too few or too many slides on a page (PowerPoint)
  • no stapling or hole punching when you meant for there to be
  • etc.

To request a refund, send an email to

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