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This documentation presents information for requesting particular software to be installed in computer labs for teaching purposes.

Requesting Software

Many computer labs on campus are used for instructional purposes. As such, faculty may request that particular software is installed in a lab for teaching purposes.

Requested software must be purchased and approved through a Software & Digital Services Routing Form (SDSRF). Contact your ACT Tier2 support representative for assistance.

Additional Notes

  • Trial software may be reviewed, but will not be deployed to any lab until purchasing and approval are complete.
  • Free (zero-cost) software must also be requested through an SDSRF.
  • You might request software that has not yet been released or made readily available. Such requests will be ignored. You will need to resubmit your request when the software is made available. The submission date of the second request will be used to determine if the request met semester deadlines.
  • If the particular software is downloadable and you have the link, provide it in the form linked below.

Semester Deadlines

Each software package is unique and requires varying amounts of time to prepare, test, and deploy to campus computer labs. So that your requests are met, please make requests by the following dates:

  • for Fall semester - request by May 15
  • for Spring semester - request by September 30
  • for Summer semester - request by March 30

We will do our best to meet your requests, but if you do not meet the specified deadlines, we cannot guarantee the requested software will be available by the start of classes.

With the preceding information in mind, you may make your software request using this form.

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