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Description of Service

The myTECH Helpdesk, located in the Volpe Library, Room 256, is able to scan, grade, and distribute the Scantron answer sheets. Grading is done in person and results can be printed or emailed.

Available to:

Faculty and Staff

How to Request:

Scantron answer sheets must be delivered in person to the myTECH Helpdesk.  Once graded, results can be delivered via printed results immediately or emailed.  The desired method of delivery must be indicated upfront.

Additional Information:

  • Hours Available:  Grading services are available during the hours of 8am- 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Exceptions to these hours occur during finals week in the fall and spring semesters.

  • Exam Handling:  Your exams will be handled only by full-time employees of the myTECH Helpdesk. This measure is in place to prevent possible tampering or conflicts-of-interest, should one of your students happen to work for myTECH.

  • Length of Time to Grade:  Grading times can vary greatly due to a couple of factors:
    • The number of exams to be graded--i.e. some departments bring stacks of hundreds of exams for grading, while others might bring thirty.
    • The time of the semester, there may be several instructors ahead of you in the queue.
    • To speed up the time it takes to grade the exam, make sure the key is on top of the stack, all exams are turned in the same direction, and there are no stray bits of paper, objects, or non-ScanTron sheets in the stack of exams.

  • Grading Results:

The myTECH representative responsible for grading your exams will provide you the opportunity to request exam results in printed and/or email form(s). Email results will be sent only to TTU accounts.  Note the scanner does not place any physical marks on individual tests.  All grade reports will be in a separate printout or email.

Printed reports include the following:

      • Summary Report: shows the number and percentage correct for each student
      • Frequency Distribution Report: shows the number of students in each grade range
      • Statistical Report: includes mean, standard deviation, and other statistical measures
      • Response Report: shows a plot of each answer by each student
      • Condensed Test Report: provides a breakdown of responses to each question

Emailed reports include all of the reports listed above, as well as more extensive question-by-question analyses and a raw data file.  The emailed reports are in PDF format with the exception of the raw data file, which is in XLS (Excel) format. 

  • Retrieving Exams:  The myTECH Helpdesk will retain exams for a period of one week. Exams cannot be returned to an instructor or department via campus mail, and must, therefore, be retrieved in person.  After the one week grace period has expired, exams will be disposed of in a secure fashion.

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