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Description of Service

The myTECH Helpdesk maintains an inventory of Scantron Answer sheets on hand and available for purchase by the campus community.

Available to:

Faculty and Staff

How to Request:

Packs of ScanTron exam sheets may be obtained from the myTECH Helpdesk by filling out the "ScanTrons Order Form" in Eagle Buy (located in the ITS Forms section).  This will require relevant FOAPAL information, and must be approved by a departmental fiscal authority.  After the approval process is complete (usually 1-2 days), you will receive notification through Eagle Buy that the ScanTrons are ready to be picked up at the Helpdesk 

See your department secretary for ScanTron requests in Eagle Buy.

A single pack contains 500 exam sheets. Partial packs are not available

Additional Information:

The scanning hardware in use by ITS requires that instructors use the blue or purple ScanTron exam sheets.

Pricing is as follows:

Blue sheets$49.00
Purple sheets$30.00

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