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Step-by-step instructions on how to set your Eagle Online pin.

This is necessary before you can login to your Eagle Online account, and pay for fees, register for classes, accept financial aid, request transcripts, etc.  

  1. To set up your Eagle Online account, you will need to visit and click on the first link labeled Enter Eagle Online, like the picture below (NOTE: You will need your Tech ID/T-number to log in. If you don't know your T-number, select "Find your Tech ID Number (T Number)" on the same page before proceeding). 
    Eagle Online Homepage With Five Links

  2. After clicking on Enter Eagle Online, you will be directed to the login page. It should look like the picture below. 
    Eagle Online Login Page

  3. To login for the very first time, you will use your Tech ID ("T number") for the User ID. This number begins with an uppercase T, followed by eight numbers. The password will be your six digit birthday in MMDDYY format. After entering the information you will click Login. 
    It should look like the picture below.
    User ID and PIN Field

  4. When you get logged in you will be told that your password has expired. You will need to enter the pin you logged in with in the box labeled "Re-enter Old PIN." Then, come up with a new pin that you can remember and is at least six digits long. The new pin can include both letters and numbers.  You cannot use your birthday as your new pin. After entering the information, click login. 
    Changing Pin Page, Enter Old Pin, New Pin, Re-Enter new PIN

    If you are immediately redirected back to the login screen after entering the new pin and clicking "Login," the system has likely not accepted your new pin. If this happens, log back in using your date of birth as the pin (as in Step 3), and try again, using a different value for the new pin.

  5. After clicking Login, you will be directed to the next page where it will have you set up security questions. If you ever forget your pin, you can answer these questions and make a new pin. You will set up three different questions by either choosing a prewritten question or making one up. You will do this three times, to set up three different questions. Before you click on Submit, you will need to enter the pin you created on the previous page in the box that says "Please Confirm your Pin". 
    Security Questions Set Up Page

  6. After setting up the security questions you will be directed to the main menu of Eagle Online.
    Eagle Online Main Menu

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