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As part of our email services from Microsoft through Office 365, Microsoft filters out emails that are believed to be spam. 

Microsoft filters out unwanted emails, also known as spam, but sometimes the filters grab good messages (false positives) alongside the bad. Because this sometimes happens, an automated email notification is sent to users once per day, allowing for review of the filtered messages. From there, incorrectly filtered messages may be released to the inbox. See below for an example of this notification from Microsoft.

Spam Quarantine Notification

If you find a legitimate email in the list of spam messages, you can simply select 'Release to Inbox' and the email will be released from quarantine and delivered to your inbox. Also, you can select "Report as Not Junk' to help train the spam filters to prevent the false positive from happening again.

Additionally, you can visit and review all spam messages and release any false positives. 

Note that emails have two primary filters applied, 'Spam' and 'Bulk' which are selectable via the drop-down located on the top left of the quarantine page.

If you have any questions about these notifications or would like assistance with reviewing your quarantined messages, please contact the myTECH Helpdesk.

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