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Cost estimates for TTU Multimedia classrooms

These rooms are the standard workhorse on campus. They are typically equipped with one or more centrally located projectors or large-format flat-panel displays, ample whiteboard space, a teaching station/lectern containing a PC and hookups for instructors’ laptops and/or mobile devices and desks/tables to accommodate 25 to 45 students. These rooms are well-suited to traditional, lecture-based learning and provide all of the resources that modern instructors have come to expect in a learning space.

Standard Multimedia Classroom

Variations on the standard configuration may include pen- and/or touch-enabled displays, either via a Wacom display on the teaching station or SMART-style interactive projector or flat-panel mounted to the wall; additional display surfaces to improve visibility in awkward or oddly-shaped rooms; inclusion of a document camera to display physical documents and/or specialized software for various disciplines.

Standard Equipment and Costs (these prices all vary by model and availability)

Desks/tables and chairs

$300-800 per seat

Teaching station/lectern


Teaching station PC


Projector+screen or flat-panel display


Additional A/V control equipment


Optional Equipment

Pen-enabled PC display


Interactive/touch-enabled display upgrade


Document camera


Total Cost Estimate: $15,000-$60,000+ (depending on configuration and scale of renovation)


  • Standardized room layout and resources
  • Provides resources for lecture-based learning without sacrificing ability for collaborative/group learning


  • Seating is not easily reconfigurable for dynamic classroom layouts

Ideal Applications

  • These rooms will likely represent the bulk of a department’s available learning spaces, as they are relatively inexpensive to implement and provide instructors with all of the technological resources necessary to deliver a typical class. As such, these rooms are ideal for any class that doesn’t require unorthodox technology for delivery.

Examples at TTU

Brown 315

Johnson 302 (pictured)

To determine whether this option is a good fit for your room and resources, contact your departmental ITS support contact.

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