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Description of Service

Techanywhere virtual desktops provide on- and off-campus access to a computer environment similar to those found in campus computer labs. This environment is divided in desktop pools. In addition to the Anywhere Computer Lab pool your class enrollment may grant you access to additional pools.

Available to:  

Faculty, Staff, and Students

How to request:

Accessing the TechAnywhere service requires the VMware Horizon client. This client is available for Windows and macOS desktop operating systems and for iOS and Android mobile devices.

For personally owned devices, installers for the VMware Horizon Client can be downloaded from Unless required for your device, please do not select the UWP package. After installing the client, you will need to supply the name of a server to connect to.  This will be

Detailed installation instructions can be found here:  Remote Computer Lab Access through the VMWare Horizon Client

For University owned devices, you can request the VMware Horizon client be installed (or updated) on your system via the I.T. Help Desk or your ACT Tier 2 support representative.

Additional Information:

Do note that any changes you make in this environment will be lost at the end of your session. Save any files you wish to retain after your session ends to your LabDrive storage, Office 365’s OneDrive, or to removable media (such as a flash drive). 

Additional information about Lab Drive can be found here: LabDrive

Additional information about how to access and use Lab Drive can be found here:  Accessing LabDriveRestoring Content from LabDrive (Windows Only)Moving Files Between LabDrive and OneDrive for Students

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