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This article discusses how to recover files that you may have deleted within LabDrive. This feature is only available on computers running Windows.

Data is only recoverable during a certain period of time after deletion.

Restoring Content

  1. To access LabDrive, select the File Explorer (#1) icon File Explorer iconin the taskbar. In the File Explorer window, look to the left-side navigation and select This PC (#2).
    Opening File Explorer in Windows 10
  2. In Windows Explorer, you should see LabDrive in the list of Network Locations.
    LabDrive as seen in File Explorer
  3. Right click on LabDrive (U:) and choose Properties.
    Properties for LabDrive
  4. Select the tab labeled Previous Versions.  Here you will see an incremental list of snapshots of your LabDrive from which you can restore your data.
    Previous Versions tab in Properties Window
  5. There are three options at the bottom of the window:
    1. Open – This is the recommended method for recovering files. The open option will reveal a window that displays the contents of the folder at the time and date. From here you are able to viewcopy, and restore individual items for the time and date selected.
      Open button in Properties Window
    2. Copy… - This option opens a prompt that allows you to copy the entire LabDrive folder at the date and time specified.
      Copy button in Properties Window
    3. Restore – This option is not recommended and will restore the LabDrive folder to its state at the date and time specified. 

      This will replace the contents of the LabDrive folder and you may lose files.

      Restore button in Properties Window

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