Congratulations on your admission to Tennessee Tech University!  Now that you are officially a student of Tennessee Tech, here are a few steps that will get you ready for your first day on campus. 

Eagle Online is an important service that allows students to see and accept financial aid, register for classes, check transcripts, view advisor information, pay account balances, and more.

Your Tech username is needed to access multiple services on campus including email, computer labs, campus network, etc.

Now that you've figured out your Tech username, you're going take that information and finish setting up your Tennessee Tech Account!

Now that you've setup your Tennessee Tech Account, you'll be able to request an access key that will grant access to the on-campus wireless network.

Be aware that you'll treat this access key just like you would the password to any account.  The key you receive is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else!

Now you'll also be able to access your student email.  This is important as all Tech-related electronic communications will come to this email.  This includes any communications regarding Tennessee Tech Scholarships and Financial Aid!

Setting up and accessing your campus email is REQUIRED to receive information regarding scholarships, financial aid and other critical information you'll need to become a student at Tennessee Tech.

If you've not yet purchased a computer to use for your studies, here you can find a list of recommendations.

As a student of Tennessee Tech, you have access to free or reduced cost software (Microsoft Office, antivirus, etc.) and hardware (from Dell, Apple, Lenovo).

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Need Help?

If at any point you find yourself needing assistance, clarification or have a question, please don't hesitate to contact the myTECH Helpdesk by either emailing or by calling (931)372-3975.

Our typical hours are 8:00am - 4:30pm. Exceptions to these hours can be found at the myTECH Helpdesk link above.

Want to Work for ITS?

ITS employs students in many different technology support roles, providing valuable experience and job training. You can learn more by visiting our hiring page.

Staying Safe Online

We live in an online world, allowing us to share information in an ever-expanding variety of ways, but that information can be valuable in the wrong hands. Our Information Security team continually provides training, informational articles, and examples of phishing scams in order to arm you with the knowledge you need to stay safe in an online world.

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