Wells Fargo account phishing!


Another banking email has made the rounds, this time from Wells Fargo. Whether or not you have an account with this bank is irrelevant – the hackers send out thousands of messages only hoping for one response that might be legitimate. While this email was sent from a compromised TTU account, all official banking emails come from the bank themselves. This raises the first red flag.

Some clever formatting appears this could be legitimate, such as the "Fraud Information Center" link at the bottom, or the bank's web address. These signs are all made to obscure and confuse the legitimacy of the email, pulling you the reader into the web of uncertainty. This message however only has one goal: gain banking information for fraudulent use.

If you have responded to this message, or interacted in any way other than deleting this message, please contact Information Security immediately!

Please report any suspicious emails to abuse@tntech.edu