On this page are links to articles that explain how to set up your TTU Domain (TechExpress) account, which you can use to access campus email, Eagle Online, and other university-based applications.  

If you are a first time user, you will need your Tech ID Number (T Number) and your TTU username

Your T Number consists of a capital "T" followed by eight digits, and is used for identification purposes around campus.   These are generally provided to incoming students via email.  If you do not know your T Number, you can find it by going to tntech.edu/eagleonline and clicking the Find Your Tech ID (T Number) link. 

Your TTU username, sometimes called the domain username, is used to log into most of our systems. For students, this generally consists your first and middle initial, the first eight letters of your last name, and a two-digit number (usually "42").   For faculty and staff, the username usually consists of your first initial (or first and middle initial) and full last name. If you do not know your username, contact the I.T. Help Desk at 931.372.3975, or helpdesk@tntech.edu.

Our primary authentication portal is known as IDme.  It will appear whenever you attempt to log into most of our systems, including TechExpress.  IDme utilizes the TTU username and password.  

Once you have your T Number and TTU username, check out the instructions at Setting up TTU Domain Account, which will be used to access TechExpress.

Setting up your TTU Domain Account password

IDme Portal FAQ

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