Step-by-step instructions on how to set your TTU domain account. This will be the username and password you will use for logins such as campus email, iLearn, the parking portal, and other directory-reliant services (it does not, however, affect Eagle Online, which is a separate account).

What's the "default password"?

As part of your account setup, you'll probably hear the words "default password" and wonder what your default password would be. This password will be z?T# where the # is the eight digits of your T-number. For instance, if your T-number is T99999999, your initial password will be z?T99999999.

You will be required to change your password from the default during your first log in and registration.


To set up your TTU domain account, visit the IDme portal.


First Time Login

If you're logging into the password portal for the first time, or your password has been recently reset by ITS, your password will be set to the default value. 

You will use your username (if you don't know your username, visit the page Find Your TTU Username) and the default password. After entering the information, click Login.

Portal Use Guide

Once you've logged into the password portal, this guide* will assist you in the setup processes for your account and recovery options.

*If the PDF fails to open or download, Ctrl + Click (Windows) the link to download the file (CMD + Click on Mac OS X). 

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