How do I set up my TTU account for the first time? 

You can set up your TTU account for the first time by doing the following. Log into Eagle Online (, select the Personal Information tab, then Campus Email, and finally click Activate Campus EmailYou will be taken to a page to change your password. Enter your username and the default password: z?T# (where the # is your 8-digit student ID number). Follow the password rules on the page. When you see a green checkmark, you have successfully set up your TTU account.  More detailed instructions on this process can be found in the article titled Setting up TTU Domain Account.

What should I do if I'm experiencing a slow network connection or am unable to connect?

Many network connectivity problems are best diagnosed while they are occurring, so give the myTech Helpdesk a call at (931) 372-3975 from your location. One of our experienced technicians will then begin the diagnosis of your specific situation and determine the possible problems and best solution.

Where can I go to get computer assistance? 

If you're a student and having issues with your personal computer or a TTU employee in need of assistance with a TTU-owned device, we encourage you to stop by the myTECH Helpdesk in suite 256 of the Volpe Library Learning Commons. Please note that we are legally unable to service hardware-related issues on student computers. We are also unable to service the personal devices of TTU employees. The hours for the myTECH Helpdesk can be found in this article.

Where can I go for the grading of ScanTron exams?

The myTECH Helpdesk houses two OpScan 6 grading machines capable of processing both blue and purple ScanTron exam sheets. Exams may be brought to myTECH, located in suite 256 of the Volpe Library Learning Commons. A full-time staff member will handle the exams from start-to-finish. You can find additional information on the purchase of exam sheets and the grading process itself in these articles.

As a student, can I get a copy of Microsoft Office? As a faculty/staff member wanting to work from home? 

As a student, you have access to a free copy of Microsoft Office as well as Windows 10. You can access your free copy of Windows from the online E-Academy website logging into E-Academy, you can select Microsoft Windows 10 and download a copy of it.

Faculty, staff, and students can also install Office 365. Instructions on how to obtain and install Office can be found in the help article titled Install Office from Office 365.

What should I do if I don't see my class(es) in iLearn? 

If you do not see your class(es) in iLearn, first to confirm with your professor(s) that they use iLearn for their course(s). If you have confirmed with your professor(s) that iLearn is in use, then you will need to fill out the iLearn Class Request form, which can be found on the Center for Innovation in Teaching (CITL) website. Once the form is submitted, missing classes should appear in iLearn within 24 to 48 hours.

How do I connect my phone/laptop to the WiFi? 

To connect to TTU's EagleNet wireless network, first visit and log in with your TTU username and password. After a successful login, select Register A Guest, and follow the prompts through the registration process.  More detailed instructions on this process can be found in our EagleNet (WiFi) Registration help article.

What can I do if my game console reports a 'Strict NAT' error when I try to play online? 

The most common reason for this error is due to the way many games handle online matchmaking. Games that do not use dedicated servers for match hosting, like Destiny and Super Smash Bros., connect matches using a form of peer-to-peer networking. This method poses security risks. Like most universities and businesses, TTU enforces 'Strict NAT' because it is the most secure connection.

How do I remote into my office computer in order to work from afar? 

In order to remotely access your office computer, you must first ensure it is powered on and active. If you are on campus, open Remote Desktop and enter the hostname of your office computer, your TTU username, and then click Connect. If you are connecting from home, you must first connect to campus using the VPN. Detailed instructions for using remote desktop can be found in the help article titled Remote Desktop Connection.

If you're off-campus and need to use the VPN, you can find detailed instructions in the Off-Campus VPN Installation help article. If you're on campus and wish to preinstall the VPN for use on your personal device, you can find detailed help in the article titled On-Campus VPN Installation for Personal Devices.

What do I do if I'm suddenly unable to log in to my email or iLearn accounts?

If you find yourself suddenly unable to log in to your email, iLearn, or one of the many other services that use your TTU credentials for authentication, you will need to contact the myTech Helpdesk either by email at, phone at (931) 372-3975, or in person by visiting suite 256 in the Volpe Library Learning Commons.

What should I do if I've been locked out of Eagle Online?

In order to restore access to your Eagle Online account, you will need to contact the myTech Helpdesk by email at, phone at (931) 372-3975, or in person by visiting our suite 256 in the Volpe Library Learning Commons.  One of our representatives will be able to assist you with regaining access to your account.