TechAnywhere Virtual Desktops FAQ

This page contains valuable answers to frequently asked questions with TechAnywhere.


What is the difference between the Anywhere Computer Lab and Anywhere Computer Lab II options?

The same applications are available in Anywhere Computer Lab II and Anywhere Computer Lab. When you connect to TechAnywhere, you may see one of these options or both.

Horizon Client

I receive an error “Your client was not launched with valid SAML2 credentials. Please contact your Administrator.” What do I need to do?

Please update your Horizon client to the current release.

  • For personally-owned devices, you may be able to use the client’s built-in Software Update functionality. If that is not available, or is not finding the current client version, downloads for all supported platforms are available at
  • For university-owned devices, current client releases are available via Software Center (for Windows) and Self Service (for macOS).

If you continue to receive this error after updating your client, please contact the myTech Helpdesk.

I receive an error “The View Agent reports that this desktop is currently logging off a previous session. Please try again later.” What do I need to do?

Right click on the desktop pool you are interested in using and select “Reset Desktop” or “Reset” depending on your client. Wait a moment and double click on the desktop pool again.

If this option is not available or does not correct the issue, please contact the myTech Helpdesk for assistance.

After logging into the TechAnywhere service I have additional servers shown in my Horizon Client; which one should I use for future connections?

Each time you connect to the TechAnywhere service you are connected to one of several servers responsible for this service. Continue to use the icon for, and you will be directed to the appropriate server each time.

HTML Access

When features are not available when using Horizon HTML Access?

The follow features are available in the Horizon client, but are not available in Horizon HTML Access:

  • USB Redirection
  • Shared access to local folders and drives with Client Drive Redirection
  • High Color Accuracy

What keyboard shortcuts are available when using Horizon HTML Access? / How do I use the Windows key in Horizon HTML Access?

Please see “Shortcut Key Combinations” for details on available shortcut key combinations and enabling the Windows key for remote desktops within the Horizon HTML client.

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