Tips and advice on how to protect your passwords by keeping them strong and secure.

Your passwords at TTU (and any of your outside accounts for things such as online banking, insurance information, investments, credit card information, etc...) are there to protect important information about you from others. Your TTU accounts access several areas that include email, Banner access (faculty, staff and student information and private data) and web sites (for those who maintain one). For faculty and staff, it also includes access to your computer. For all, it allows you to request an access key for the EagleNet Wireless service. These passwords are important and should not be shared with others.

  1. Do NOT share your passwords with anyone.
  2. Do NOT respond to any emails that you receive asking for your passwords. Legitimate places of business will never ask for that information.
  3. Do NOT get caught by phishing and spam emails.
  4. Learn about selecting a strong password that you can remember.
  5. Be familiar with the Password Policy at TTU.

View more information and tips about security of accounts for faculty and staff.

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